The Welfare Department is was inaugurated following the establishment of the church and is directly affiliated with the ushering department

As a department serving all other departments, it operates in collaboration with other departments to meet the needs of members of the church and visitors. Welfare is a department of committed people that enjoys spending their resources, time, and money to increase the kingdom of God.

The members of this department are volunteer church members under the leadership of the church pastor. The major source of funding is provided by the church authority, interested individuals/members; and committed external and internal families with direct donations to the welfare account.


The roles of welfare department include but is not limited to the following:

  • Operates foodbank for both external and internal members.
  • Provides welcome package for the first-timers in the church
  • Provides catering at all occasions in the church including church celebrations, choir ministration, women group, men fellowship group to mention but a few.
  • Organizes weekly morning teas and a monthly special cake to celebrate church members and visitors marking special occasions.
  • Provides financial assistance to both internal and external members
  • Provides support to the evangelism department reaching out to the public
  • Organizes and supplies hygiene equipment and materials that include: cleaning products, sanitary towels, kitchen cleaning products, etc.
  • Provides hospitality to visiting pastors, evangelist within and outside RCCG.
  • Organizes wellbeing conferences and seminars example – Suicide awareness and prevention 2018
  • Provides support to the global pandemic and community needs.
  • Provides assistance for the new arrival that includes homewares and other basic needs for settlement in Australia.
  • Provides emergency financial and psychological supports as the need arises.

Our aim is to meet the spiritual, emotional, psychological, and above all salvation needs of all images of GOD. 

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We believe our journey begins with fellowshipping together in God’s presence.