Integration and Ushering

Welcome to Queensland

The integration and Ushering team of RCCG JWC Queensland are responsible for ensuring effective coordination of all church services and programs. 

Also, we ensure that all the facilities are in place to provide optimum comfort during our services/programs.

Importantly, we are also involved in assisting new and old brethren to settle down in Brisbane Australia with our various well-structured programs. We not only make sure your first few weeks in Australia is memorable but also keep close contact to ensure after completing your degree, you are assisted to fully integrate into the Australian community.

Additionally, we assist brethren with money, logistics, accommodation, and navigating the ever dynamic Australian immigration system. We provide FREE service to understand the Australian immigration system when things become a bit complex.

We also organize in-house English language classes (PTE) to make sure you come out with a minimum score of 65 (equivalent to 7 bands in IELTS) in all bands.

Feel free to talk to us today and let us put a smile on your face.